Volunteer WITH US

Each year the festival could not happen without the amazing support of our volunteer army!

Each year the Wallaby Creek Festival requires dedicated teams of volunteers for planning, logistics, site preparation, construction, festival management, artists support, stalls, workshops and a host of other things which need to be done so that the festival can be a success.

A HUGE thank you to all those for your amazing help at the ongoing WALLABY WORKING BEES during the year to prepare our site, and to all those who have volunteered for the festival.

Getting T0 wallaby creek

Wallaby Creek Bridge
720 Shiptons Flat Rd Rossville
Far North Queensland

Registrations close September 17

Volunteer Registrations

We have enough SETUP VOLUNTEERS for this year Thank You . Please register as a (during) Festival /Packdown volunteer ONLY!  and we will be in touch. Working Bee Weekend registration is for locals only.

Festival/Packdown  VOLUNTEER

arrive from the Wednesday prior to the festival

Working bee weekends VOLUNTEER

scheduled weekends prior to festival through the year


must arrive by the Monday prior to the festival

Arrive from Wednesday/Thursday prior for ‘Festival Volunteers’ or ‘Packdown Volunteers’ after the festival:

Festival Volunteer

You must purchase a ticket OnliNe


YOU MUST PURCHASE A TICKET online which will be reimbursed after 12 hours over the 3 days


If you are volunteering to be a ‘Festival Volunteer’ :


You will be issued with a work card for signing off the hours at Volunteer induction held Thursday 5pm, or Friday 8am.


Remember to keep your receipt, and submit details for your
refund on the Sunday afternoon of the festival, or before you leave the grounds. No refunds can occur later than 5 days following the festival.


No meals provided except recycling team

Packdown Volunteer

3 days after festival


YOU MUST PURCHASE A TICKET for reimbursement after 20 hours after the festival


Enjoy the festival, then help us afterwards


Our crew work tirelessly for most of the year and really need your help for those 3 days or less of packdown


Camping & meals provided during packdown


Remember to keep your receipt, and submit details for your

Thank you for your offer of support for this year’s festival.

Any problems, contact