An interactive and hands-on weekend to educate and guide you through the fundamental principles of creating healthy soil, a healthy environment and healthy food.

From backyards to acreages, wet tropics to dry savannah, there is much to share. Things can be better. Things can be done. And we can do it together.

It’s about diversity, and synergy. It’s about understanding why and how we can achieve this. It’s about challenging the paradigm that relies on external inputs, herbicides and pesticides, to Collaborating with Nature. It’s about living in Harmony and Balance, but most of all, it’s about Connection.

The passion expressed by each of our presenters is inspiring. The desire to contribute, share their wisdom and impart their knowledge and skills has attracted a diverse group of speakers and workshops to enjoy.  Diverse they may be, yet all have a vision of making the world a better place. Of building a new way of life, that of community.

Bring your kids along and get them involved in the kids space. They’ll plant seeds and learn about the land as they go on a treasure hunt with nature. Playing outside, making new friends and learning something ‘cool’ gives them an experience that will inspire them in their futures.

From the newbie to the soil nerd, young to old, there will be something for everyone to experience, practice and learn.

The following presenters have confirmed their attendance for the weekend. And there’s  more to follow…

Key Note Presenters

Workshops & Special Guests

  • Or Mathias: Tailoring composts to soil requirements and practical soil testing.
  • Ori-Albert-Mitchell: Mushroom cultivation.
  • Mike Gaia: Making Bio Char
  • Weaving with Banali Weaving & Koa Windsong

And so much more including

  • Bio-Dynamic Peppering
  • Bush food / Wild Food walks
  • Hay Box Cooking
  • Composting
  • Clothes swap
  • Kids space
  • Information stalls
  • Market stalls

Yummy food options available to purchase including Bektopia and Wallaby’s Wood-fired pizza

PLUS our very special, community Chai Tent where we get to hang out together, enjoy homemade cakes, chai & morning coffee, becoming a part of something greater than self. Ambient live music will be playing over the weekend along with armchair discussions, sharing and most of all caring

Camping onsite available. Gates open 2 pm Friday 21 July 2023

Accommodation also available at the world famous Lions Den hotel

Why not volunteer?

Our events run on the heart and soul of our volutneeers and there’s always plenty of opportunites available! If you’d like to be a part of this event, please email 

Assistance will be required in the set up/takedown phase as well as through the weekend.

Stall holders, artisans and crafts people

Buy, sell & swap or share your wares, resources and skills while you’re there. Please email