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Wallaby ReGen 24: A Wallaby Creek Fundraiser

FRIDAY, Saturday & Sunday, 19-21 July 2024

Wallaby Creek Festival Grounds

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Following on from the success of our ‘ReGen Weekender 2023’, we are excited to invite you to join us at the Wallaby Creek Festival site in Rossville for ‘Wallaby ReGen 2024’. 

Wallaby ReGen is about learning, exploring, sharing knowledge and wisdom. It’s about being a part of something greater: meeting new and old friends, hanging out in the chai tent or around a welcoming camp fire. It is an experience like no other. 

Offering new expansive ways of living in harmony with nature, our vision is to bring like-minded people together, sharing knowledge and evidence-based practices that focus on the regeneration of our environment, ourselves and our communities. We aim to challenge current methods of operating and ‘Be-ing’, encouraging us to think even bigger, together. It’s the place where being a plant nerd is cool!!

The flooding event  of Dec.’23 presented us with an entire new paradigm of living in the tropics. The scars on the hills and new landscapes are a constant reminder of the fragility of living in this region. It birthed a quest for answers, new thinking and new approaches to the way of life here in Far North Queensland

With presentations and workshops running onsite from Friday 3pm until Sunday 3pm, everything from plant nutrition & pest control, worm farms and toolbox farming to mushroom growing and composting will be explored: Something for all levels and interests. We will also be revisiting the food forest planted in ReGen 2023, looking at pruning and mulching methods and completing our Saturday workshops with the annual “Planting”. This year we will revegetate the creek line adjoining the land with native trees donated by ClimateForce. 

In addition to all the plant nerdy things, we have a space that focuses on the importance of the self and its intrinsic role in creating change. Without our inner connection and conscious awareness, the potency of any practice, no matter how dynamic, will never reach its potential.  We will be offering morning Yoga, along with Meditation, Toning and vibrant discussions on the concepts of regenerating your family and life around us… and much much more. 

There will also be cooking workshops on all 3 days where you can learn new methods of cooking with locally available food, including FNQ edible plants & weeds, local perennials and practice Nori/sushi rolling.

In addition, we have arranged to visit 2 farms in the Endeavour valley on the morning of Friday 19th July. 9 – 2pm

  • Dr Wendy Seabrook: Learning from Nature: “Eco-logical approach to Regenerative Agriculture 
  • Roman Jost: Organic farmer: Dragon Fruit & Passionfruit. 

 Do come and join us for a great weekend. Camping on site is available. 

For further information: Check out the Wallaby ReGen FaceBook page:

Or contact Pasha Lynch: 0439517803 Email:  

Tickets on sale:

Adult $120 Concession $80. U18 Free

Workshops and Special Guests


Andre Leu: Regenerative Agriculture a worldwide update

Cape York Water Partnership: Presentation on December flooding findings/solutions           (Friday pm)

Mike Harrison: Composting presentation & practical workshop

Mike Gaia: Presentation using plant nutrition to combat pests & disease. Workshop revisiting the food forest pruning/replanting

Jack Houwing: Vermiculture presentation & practical workshop

Adam Collins: Toolbox farming for the future. Regenerating your family & how biodynamics can help

Ori Albert-Mitchell: Grow your own mushrooms $10 for spores

Zane Cosgrove: Foraging FNQ edible food

Roland Smith: The tao of tropical permaculture

ClimateForce: The Planting Saturday 5pm 


Waratah Nicholls: Meditation:

Margo Steiner: Yoga.  Sat & Sun morning

Bella Barker: Toning workshop

Group Discussion: ReGen Living what does it meant to us? (Sunday afternoon last)


Living a regenerative lifestyle means that it is important to us what we eat. Up here in FNQ we have the ability to grow all year round and wish to share with you the skills and knowledge attained by our locals and shared with you. You are welcome to BYO food, (especially breakfasts!) otherwise there will be homegrown and homemade food on offer for you to enjoy at a small cost.  

Chai Tent: Chai, Teas and Coffee plus home cooked food, cakes & soup.

Friday Evening: Locals presentation:  Join us as we cook and eat together using locally grown perennials: e.g. cassava/green bananas/coconuts etc.

Saturday Lunch: Zane Cosgrove Bush food forage & feed. 

Saturday pm: Locally cooked foods eg curries, stews around the campfire. .

Sunday: Wombat Cafe: Nori/Sushi Rolling workshop ($5) also offered fruit smoothies. 


Friday 19th:  9am – 2pm. Endeavour Valley

Wendy Seabrook: Eco-Logical farming. Living with Nature

Roman Jost: Certified Organic farming Dragon fruit


Chai Tent & Acoustic music 

    Market stall vendors, crafts people, artists and musicians

    Come along bring your tools, or your wares and showcase, sell, swap, or even share your skills and talents while you’re there.


    Why not volunteer?

    Volunteers are really the heart and soul of all our events. Why not become a part of our Wallaby Creek Family and donate a little of your time to help bring this event to life! There’s plenty of opportunities available in the lead up to, during and after this event. Please email:

    Food, drinks and entertainment
    Camping and accommodation

    Overnight camping is offered and encouraged. 

    Gates open: 8am Friday 19th July 2024 – 2pm Monday 23rd

    For those attending the Farm tours, Camping will be available from 2pm Thursday 18th July. 

    Nearby accommodation is also available at Rossville Retreat.