We are thrilled to announce the eagerly awaited return of the Wallaby Creek Festival, set to take place from 22-24 September 2023 at Wallaby Creek, 720 Shipton’s Flat Road, Rossville.

Bringing together a unique blend of captivating music, vibrant arts, and the beauty of nature, the 2023 Wallaby Creek Festival promises an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Celebrating its 21st anniversary, Wallaby Creek Festival has been a cherished annual tradition for music and nature enthusiasts alike.

Jen Midgley, the Festival Director, expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming event, saying, “We’re thrilled to welcome everyone back to the Wallaby Creek Festival! This year’s festival is about more than just entertainment; it’s about connecting with nature, supporting artists, and leaving a positive impact on the environment. This year’s festival is also an opportunity to come together as a community to help us secure the future of the festival site by donating to help us purchase the block.”

 “As always we are delighted to showcase an outstanding lineup of artists while promoting eco-conscious initiatives that align with our vision of a sustainable future.”

Headlining this year’s festival is the internationally acclaimed indie-folk sensation Tijuana Cartel. Tijuana Cartel have honed their live set on some of Australia’s biggest stages dishing up an east meets west wonderland for those seeking sensory overload, euphoria, fat beats and heavy, bass-fuelled electronica. Tijuana Cartel’s sound is high-energy, guitar-driven, world music for indie kids.

Joining them will be a diverse roster of talented artists, including:

Nathan Cavaleri: Australian musical child prodigy, Nathan Cavaleri found himself the centre of a bidding war between the labels of Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna before the age of 12 years old. By age 16 he’d toured with B.B. King and played at the Kennedy Centre in front of The Clintons with Etta James and Bonnie Raitt. Returning to the stage in 2019, his love for music stronger, more mature and deeper than ever, Cavaleri illustrates the depths of his career through songs and story-telling, whilst powerfully matching the signature themes of overcoming adversity through courage and authenticity.

Nathan Cavaleri

Nathan Cavaleri

Harry James Angus: Over two decades, Harry James Angus has carved out a reputation as a deeply felt and explosive live trumpeter and vocalist. Having toured the world for over twenty years as the trumpeter, co-vocalist and improvisatory ringleader of The Cat Empire, he is currently touring with Australian drumming wunderkind Freyja Hooper. This duo concept takes all the dancefloor energy and chaos of Angus’ earlier creations, distilling the sound to the bare bones of rhythm, chaos, and transcendence.

Julian Belbachir: Julian Belbachir will take you on a rhythmic odyssey of traditional Indigenous music from North-Western Africa with a modern take: A truly unique and unforgettable musical experience.

Toby Beard: Western Australia’s Toby is so much more than your average singer-songwriter. She powers through each live performance with her own lyrical talent and fierce, dynamic vocals, with audiences revelling in the genuinity and honesty of both her songwriting and her performance.

Her compelling vocals and the way in which she captures her audience can’t be explained but just needs to be heard and seen. Her live performance truly is a treat.

Toby Beard

Western Australia’s Toby Beard

Zennith: Australia’s roots, reggae, rock royalty Zennith are more than a band, they represent a strong cultural and musical legacy that defies limitation. As custodians of Buluwai Country – the rainforest people of Kuranda in Far North Queensland,  Zennith are three generations deep in a musical dynasty.




Hussy Hicks: Straddling the line between Folk, Blues, Country, Rock and Roots, Hussy Hicks have earned themselves a mighty reputation, growing, from festival openers to festival favourites, seeing the group now appear at the biggest blues and roots festivals in Australia, The USA and across Europe while selling out their own tours across the three continents.

Hussy Hicks

Hussy Hicks

Ben Jansz: Ben Jansz is a soulful and exhilarating Aussie Roots/Rock & Blues/Folk, one-man band sure to capture the hearts and evoke the minds of those who hear his music and watch him perform. Inspired by ancestral symphonies and raw emotional vulnerability, Ben’s skillful use of multiple instruments, captivating vocals and enthralling compositions is sure to ignite your heart & soul.

Anthony Forrest: Anthony Forrest is a multi-talented vocalist, instrumentalist, producer and composer. His years as singer and songwriter for reggae/dub heavyweight, Kingfisha, has honed these self-taught disciplines to create something truly rare and inspirational. Anthony’s latest project, under his own namesake, continues to break new ground in the roots genre and is everything you’d expect from this exceptional artist

Anthony Forest

Anthony Forest

Formidable Vegetable: Formidable Vegetable combine strings, horns and ukulele with positive climate action that the whole neighbourhood can get down to. Their songs have inspired people from 5 to 95 to grow their own food, ferment cabbage and live a better life with irresistibly funky home-scale solutions to the sometimes-overwhelming problems of the world.

Formidable Vegetable

Paul A. George (Tijuana Cartel) feat. Jason Janus (Kalidad): Get ready for an unforgettable mix of Flamenco, Gypsy and Organic House music when Paul A. George takes the stage, bringing infectious beats and live Spanish guitar to the crowd. As if that wasn’t enough, Paul A. George will be joined onstage by the talented Jason Janus- lead guitarist of Kallidad for the kind of collaborative performance that festival fans dreams are made of.

Opal Ocean: Opal Ocean are the hidden gem in the Australian music scene, fusing together styles from every genre and rocking just two acoustic guitars! This instrumental acoustic guitar duo will leave audiences in awe with their impressive and intricate melodies.

A family-friendly celebration of music, arts, culture, and community in true Wallaby Creek style the complete lineup promises an eclectic mix of talents that will cater to every musical taste, ensuring an extraordinary experience for all festival-goers.

Plus, from workshops and cultural tours to yoga and a jam-packed Children’s Festival Program, there’s so much for the whole family to do, see and learn at this Wallaby Creek Festival. Other festival favourites returning in 2023 include: a Poets Breakfast with a Slam Poetry heat, dancers, cabaret, street theatre and circus performances, an array of interactive arts installations, local artisan markets, healing and wellness providers, and delicious food stalls.

Tickets for the 2023 Wallaby Creek Festival are now on sale, and we encourage everyone to secure their tickets early to avoid disappointment. This event has limited capacity, and tickets are selling fast!

For more festival details, information about volunteering and to purchase tickets, visit our official website: www.wallabycreekfestival.org.au

To make a donation to help Cape York Folk Club Inc purchase the festival site: https://events.humanitix.com/fundraising-for-the-wallaby-dream

For media enquiries, please contact: media@wallabycreekfestival.org.au