Workshops & Other Performers 2017


  • Drumcircle – Fiona Drums.  A drumcircle is a celebration for all ages, no experience needed, all instruments provided or you can bring your own. make in -the-moment-music with a facilitator who encourages you to share your rhythmic spirit by listening and playing together.

    World Storywaters . Michael Quinn
    Storyteller Michael Quinn invites his audience on a journey around the world in  a celebration of story, bringing to life ancient tales from different cultures.

    Spectacular STILTS. Tanya Veld & Danny Simony

    Roving & Juggling – Hanso & Family – Hanso has roved across the world at many festivals and juggling to amaze thousands. His wife the jungle fairy has sprouted a small nome name aldan. cute as can be they never cease to spell bind.

    Rove with the trumpet Bard – Niq Reefman – Weaving stories into music on the topic of mirth, humour and drink, Multi-instrumentalist Niq Reefman delights audiences with mischievous looks, gypsy apparel, in an interacting show, including adults and even the odd stallholder in the banter!


  • Dream State Entertainment

    DREAM STATE ENTERTAINMENT –  Dream State Circus has brought light to the eyes & smiles to countless faces.
    Husband & wife team Jacob & Sophie McGrath began Dream State Circus in 2000, born out of a love and obsession, of the accessible, non-discriminative art of street performance & improvisational comedy. 16 huge years later, over 3500 performances, in almost 40 countries, their art has taken them to some of the biggest festivals on the planet including Glastonbury, Edinburgh & Toronto many gaining them international awards & recognition. They relish working in some of the most amazing venues globally, and some of the most humble. Innovators of new world entertainment, Dream State’s unique skill set and extensive experience, has helped keep their dreams and goals, positive and accessible. Creating the real, powerful, exceptional and rare in all its forms, is their delight; from welding a venue or rig to staging flaming partner acrobatics, their passion is enchantingly tangible.

    Cycas Circus – Cirque de Coleurs

    CYCAS CIRCUS – ‘Cirque de Couleurswill focus around the theme of the festival, utilising the colours and creatures of the tropical paradise we live in. A story will be told using characters of our remarkable rainforest on aerial apparatus, stilts, german wheel, cyr wheel, tight wire, balance ball, unicycles, trampoline and much more. Choreographed to music with special effects and sound, we will create a spell-binding spectacle performed on an 8 metre rainforest-camouflaged truss. Displaying the splendours of nature, the strength of the human body and using infinite imagination, ‘Cirque de Couleurs’ will ignite its audiences’ passion for diverse culture and illuminative performances.
    Beginning with the sounds of dawn and the chatter of birds as the rainforest awakens, the sun lyra will rise with butterflies dancing beneath and sunrays dancing atop. Characters will include perilous possums, boisterous butterflies, and frolicking frill necks, all setting scenes of a day in the life of the tropics. The story continues into morning with creatures climbing and dropping on silks, swaying on a cloudswing, fish being caught in the aerial net with aerialists on fish-shaped lyras swaying around her. Tensions build in the heat of the day as the acrobatic frill necks fight and tumble over sunbaking pythons, butterflies ascend in the trees, and bees dance on trapeze. Activity continues into dusk as the sounds of cicadas emerge and frogs begin to croak, while rain falls gently over the forest descending into a deep sleep again.


  • Sassy Catz UV

    Sassy CatzDynamic, fun contemporary dance performance. 
    The Sassy Catz will perform a beautiful UV fan dance.
    The Sassy Catz in collaboration with the Tipsy Gypsies will perform as part of the Saturday night Cabaret.
    The Sassy Catz and The Tipsy Gypsies will also be roving (Friday night) in amazing glow LED butterfly costumes that will wow audiences of all ages.


    Tipsy Gypsies

    Tipsy Gypsies

    Tipsy Gypsies will present a Cabaret style dinner show, in collaboration with Sassy Catz on Saturday night. Oriental fusion belly dance pieces with swords, fans & more will be presented with shades of UV & possibly a bit of fire.


  • Centre for Australasian Theatre

    Ten Nights of Dreams – Centre for Australasian Theatre – Inspired by Natsume Soseki’s masterful novel of the same name, Ten Nights of Dreams is an inspiring and unforgettable site-specific performance designed especially for the Wallaby Creek Festival 2017.  Artists from diverse cultural backgrounds combine traditional and contemporary performance and visual art elements to create a surreal dreamworld.  Haunting drums from PNG, traditional Japanese Bon dancing, techno beats, butoh and cardboard construction come together in a feast for the senses in and along the banks of Wallaby Creek. 


  • Yoga – Morning Yoga with Tanya

    Blacksmithing Demonstration – Alex Byrne
    Traditional blacksmith who makes ironwork the same way its been done for hundreds of years. The workshop showcases all of the different tools and techniques blacksmiths used to use before the art was diluted by modern technology.

    Scale model sailing boats and info on sailing – Cooktown Blue water Sailing ClubDemonstration of scale model sailing boats and info on sailing..on the Dam

    Drum Circle  Workshop Fiona Drums 
    learn to play assorted drums and percussion instruments, with rhythm games, interlocking rhythms and improvisation. All ages welcome, no experience necessary, all instruments provided or you can bring your own.

    Storytelling Workshop – World Storywaters . Michael Quinn

    Belly Dancing Workshop – Tipsy Gypsies 

    Bamboo splitting sculpture and practical workshops  Hanso

    Theatre of Exchanges Workshop – Centre for Australasian Theatre TBC

    Circus Workshops – Cirque de Coleurs (Cycas Circus) – Arial Silks

    Dream State Entertainment –  Open Circus and Acrobalance Workshops

    Bush Shelter Workshop – Waratah Nichol . Hands on learning – how to build a survival bush shelter, built from bush materials 

    Make use of your rubbish – Waratah Nichol . Making things from rubbish, using rubbish from festival site to make practical and artistic things

    Growing food doesn’t need to be such hard work – Dr Wendy Seabrook
    How much do you spend on your garden every year? Wouldn’t it be great if growing food actually saved us money, and left us enough time to sit back and enjoy our garden?   Organic growing is great for producing healthy food, but there are still all the endless chores and expensive garden products.
    What’s the solution? – Come to the workshop and find out how to let nature give you a helping hand, by bringing ecological functions back into your garden again.

    Create a Better World with Essential Oils Sandy Jones.  Learn and share ways to use essential oils to swap out the toxic yuck with Nature’s Magic Molecules – potent, pure, high vibe living plant essence – to support an Energised Joyful You, Connected Vibrant Family in a Safe, Clean Home and Abundant Caring World.

    Hoops – There it is – The workshops is for beginner to intermediate hoopers, catering to those who are picking up a hoop for the first time to the more experienced occasional hooper often found at festivals. I try to bring people up to their next level of hoop, whatever that may be and make sure to leave people with some tricks and drills to take away and continue practising throughout the festival.


  • Gypsy Swing – Blue Reed. What it is and how to play it.

    Song Writing with Bonnie Love

    Roman MC Presents: The Art of Freestyling – Bullhorn
    Techniques – Tips – Tricks : Suitable for all levels, whether you’re an enthusiastic beginner, long time professional or any kind of vocalist who wants to gain insight into the musicality, mentality and secret tricks of freestyling.

    Cigany Weaver present an act that features Gypsy Jazz/Eastern european soundtracks to film.

    Crossroads will share their knowledge on how to engage an audience, passing the musical ‘energy ball’ from performer to audience and back again giving everyone involved more than just a concert but truly, an experience!

    Lip to Lung, Larynx and Tongue. A Global Glottal Adventure: Bandmouth, Beatbox and Beyond – Mal Webb

    Sing Your Heart Out With the Secret Tuesdays! Find your voices and learn some olde worlde songs and harmonies to add to your campfire collection.

    Looping Around the World with the Imprints
    Learn how to create basic loops on any instrument – a useful skill to help develop rhythmic ideas, composition skills and improvisation development. Discover ways to use your instrument and loop station to creatively play music from many musical genres.
    Participants are encouraged to bring along their instruments as workshop culminates in the creation of a live looped group composition.

    Didgeridoo with the Moorditj Bros.

    Human singing bowl with Sunny Ray – a group singing workshop to open people to their own creative voices