Workshops & Other Performers 2017

Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan
Cigány Weaver
The Moorditj Brothers
Black Rabbit George
Blue Reed





Workshops & Other Performers

  • Drum Circle – Fiona Mitchell

    World Storywaters Drink of the elixir of everlasting tales…with the participation of my audience I bring to life tales from different cultures around the world.” Get caught up and blown into another place when you get involved in Michael’s stories. Michael Quinn


  • Sassy CatzDynamic, fun contemporary dance performance. Fluro Can Can Dance, Pirate roving and Cowgirl Dance (Cabaret Night)

    Tipsy GypsiesBelly Dancing Tribal Belly Dance Extravaganza spiced with grace, charm & loads of cheeky attitude.
    Tipsy Gypsies Fire Show And a visually stunning shimmying, shimmering, whirling, waving, floating & definitely flaming, Fire show!