Market Stalls Application

Market & Healing Stalls and Food Stalls are presented at the festival to tempt your viewing, tasting and shopping pleasures.

Looking for artisan stall holders especially, those that do artist & hand made products. If you can also do your amazing work while at your stall (eg painter, sculpture, wood carver, didgeridoo maker, metal work) we would love to have you attend this year. 

Market Stall Applications any urgent enquiries contact Dee on 0417715941

To register as a stall holder, please read the guidelines below or the guidelines

and SUBMIT the FORM below :
Make sure you receive a response after “submit” button (at top of form) … if unsure please contact Dee on   or if the form does not appear – a direct link to the form click here

Stalls Policy & Guidelines

Please  read before submitting

About our Festival

Our Festival is organized and presented by Cape York Folk Club Inc– a voluntary, non-for profit community group, whose focus is promoting creative expression in our region. Everyone associated with our Festival is a volunteer, who willingly gives up many hours to bring this important event to life. Please be courteous to coordinators. If your behaviour is found inappropriate including abusive, bullying or disruptive to other stall holders, we reserve the right to escort you out off the festival and your stall will be black list from this event. We appreciate your support and co-operation. Applications close 17th July 2017 (no exceptions).

Festival organizers take pride in the quality and variety of food, craft and merchandise available at the Wallaby Creek Festival and have an ongoing commitment to offer festival patrons:

  • A wonderful and unique experience in a family friendly village-like atmosphere.
  • Products representative of both local and international communities.
  • We encourage local Indigenous artist of the Cape York community to apply.

Applications are strongly encouraged from artisans and crafts people and healers, especially offering unique handmade Australian products. We also aim for a wonderful array of local and international cuisines.

Stall selection criteria is based on the following:

  • The presentation of the food stall, including quality of menu and food presentation.
  • The efficiency, professionalism and experience of the stall operators.
  • A commitment to fresh and authentic cuisine.
  • The ability to meet Cooktown or Queensland Council Health Department requirements.
  • Environmentally aware food presentation and food service products in accordance with our recycling guidelines and policy.

We expect to receive many more applications for stalls than can be accommodated. Some stalls are not accepted mainly for reasons of duplication. Non-acceptance is not always a reflection on your quality. Selection decisions are final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

For all stall inquires please contact: or contact Dee on 0417 715 941.

 Always Green

We pride ourselves on being a ‘Green’ Festival – and ask all of our stall holders to use recyclable and/or bio-degradable materials where possible

  • Packaging and carry bags
  • Food and drink containers
  • Cutlery

In the application form you will be asked to outline what green packaging, carry bags, food and drink containers and cutlery you will be utilizing.

Every effort will be encouraged by our patrons to dispose of recyclable, bio-degradable and organic matter in the most appropriate way, to reduce our environmental footprint in the region and costs to the festival. Stalls unable to comply will be charged an extra $100 Trash Tax and this will affect any future applications. (NO STYROFOAM!)

Stalls Ticketing

Ticketing: Included in your stall fee are complimentary tickets which are non-transferrable The amount of tickets you receive will depend on your stall size. These tickets cannot be sold, given away or traded. Tickets will be issued in the name that you nominate. Your staff tickets can be purchased on our website at our early bird rate. More information will be provided on how to purchase when your application is accepted.

Electrical Requirements for your stall

Home rule is off the power grid. Food stalls we provide one main generator for all food stalls to plug into. A fee will be charged for this hire, Due to environmental impact of too many generators. We have decided to allocate one main source for all Food stall holders. We need to know, total wattage and more than 1 phase outlet. Stealing power is not accepted, if caught doing so you will be forced to be shut down & blacklisted.

 Merchandise stalls. Please bring your own source of lighting for stall at night. (The WCF ask that you bring low wattage lights 75-100 watt bulbs or LEDs 12 Volt only and will unplug any excessive lighting). No electrical appliances allowed or you will be shut down.

 Electrical and Gas Equipment

  • All Electrical equipment must have current ‘test and tag’ prior to installation on site. Test and Tag facilities will not be available on site.
  • All Gas equipment must meet current standards and regulations. If gas equipment is found to be non-compliant it will not be permitted on site.
  • Operators must provide their own lighting if required in their stall

Minimum Trading Hours

  • Friday 29th September 2017 – 10am to min 7 pm (food stalls until you want )
  • Saturday 30th October 2017 – 7 am to min 7pm (food stalls until you want )
  • Sunday 1nd October 2017– 7am to 4 pm unless staying the night (food stalls encourage)
  • Monday 2rd October 2017 is a public holiday please consider opening for morning




 Please do not print or send the stalls policy and guidelines as part of your application.

  • No stalls or setting up on Festival site before TUESDAY prior to opening under any circumstances Stall holders are encouraged to set up on THURSDAY. All vehicles MUST be secured in stalls area by 3pm Thursday and are not permitted to move until Sunday 5pm. NO vehicles will be allowed in inner festival as from Friday. No vehicle drop off delivery of goods during festival is allowed. Access is only by foot.
  • Speed Limits On Site: Speed limits are enforceable by all. Vehicle movement within the site is restricted to 10km. Please take care and be very aware of kids and other people and the wildlife that share this beautiful site with us. If you do not comply you will be escorted off festival grounds.
  • Stallholders may not extend their displayed goods beyond the boundaries of their nominated site. It is not acceptable for stallholders to encroach onto the walkways with their racks or displayed goods, for access and safety reasons. When deciding what stall site size you require, include your entire stall including all ropes and awnings. If you arrive at the festival and your stall is bigger than you have indicated, additional space will not be available as every meter on site is pre-allocated.
  • The organisers reserve the right to relocate a stallholder to another stall space within the festival if deemed necessary for the smooth running of the event Trading Hours
  • Stallholders are expected to operate for the duration of the festival until 5pm Sunday. You must leave your site the way you found it and be mindful of our goal ‘to leave no trace.
  • You also have the option of camping in the Stallholder Camping area. Not all stalls have camping located directly behind them. This will depend on the placement of the stall. We will notify you individually of your specific camping arrangements once placement has been decided. If there is no camping space behind your stall you will need to camp in the stalls camping area or if you want to camp with friends in the general camping area. (If you are camping behind your stall, please be considerate if entertaining after hours.
  • Parking: Stallholders/family and their staff are to park vehicles in the Day Parking. During the set-up period: • Stallholders are only permitted to have one vehicle onsite, you will be given a pass for this vehicle and this pass must be displayed in the front windscreen. Any other of your staff vehicles will need to be parked in the designated parking area. Stallholder vehicles will need a pass to enter the festival precinct during construction. • You may be able to park one vehicle behind your stall if it does not move for the duration of the festival. All approved vehicles must be in by 3pm, on the Thursday. • No vehicles are to move out of the site until the 5 pm Sunday.
  • The wristband issued in exchange for your ticket must be worn as soon as you receive it and continue to be worn at all times during the festival. Lost wristbands will not be replaced. If your ticket is lost you will be required to purchase another ticket at gate prices. Tickets are not refundable.
  • Cancelling your Stall at WCF: If the stallholder wishes to cancel the agreement more than 30 days prior to the festival, the WCF may retain 50% of the total site fee (before the 19th August). Any cancellations after this date will not be refunded.
  • Right of Veto: The Organisers of the festival retain the right to enter upon the site of any stall at any time and remove any article, sign, picture or printed matter which, in our opinion, is either not eligible for display or is considered offensive.
  • Stallholders need to provide their own stall structure and tables. It is often rainy and windy in September. Please make sure your stall is secure and weatherproof.
  • WCF take no responsibility for any damage occurring to stalls, merchandise or theft.
  • Reminder this is an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY FESTIVAL (no plastic bags or packaging). We will have a recycling /garbage & compose bins at the back of food stalls & our recycling people will collect them everyday, Please use the right bins & reduce the landfill impact. We ask that if you have large plastic containers that you take them with you.
  • Co-operation of all Stallholders is vital for smooth running.
  • Subletting your stall is not permitted. You WILL be closed down.
  • Loud amplified music is not to be played at your stall space without prior approval of WCF committee.
  • Pre-recorded Amplified Music: Use of amplifiers or loud speakers, including CD or MP3 players, by stallholders is prohibited.
  • All electrical leads and cords must be tag by an electrician for safety reasons.
  • WCF have the right to remove any stall holder who has breached WCF policy and guideline laws and bad behaviour of stall holders will be followed up and dealt with by the WCF committee.
  • Stealing electricity during the festival, you will shut down & never ask to return.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO PETS ALLOWED. You will be asked to remove your pet immediately & escorted of festival grounds.
  • No fires at stall area