Kids Festival

2017 Kids Festival


WATCH THIS SPACE  – The Children’s Festival 2017 

The Wallaby Creek Festival is a family-oriented festival set in the lush rainforest of Home Rule at Rossville. Three days of fun-filled activities, music and the arts in the most awesome venue in the middle week of the school holidays.

If you are going to the Wallaby Creek Festival with your children in tow, you will be offered the most wonderful opportunity to enjoy a slow pace and spend time connecting with those you love. You will be able to spend time doing fun and exciting activities together, and know that your children can enjoy a safe and innovative environment where they will have a really great time. The Children’s Festival is a safe play space that is child-friendly and stocked with lots of goings-on to spark your child’s imagination and creativity. Each day of the festival the children can spend time in an inventive social context, exploring an incredible array of kids’ activities.

With so many things to do in one location, you can choose your own adventure and enjoy the Festival at your own pace. The festival is perfect for children of all ages and offers the best family holiday activity during the September school break.

We can’t wait to welcome your family to the Wallaby Creek Children’s Festival this year.


Yoga for Kids – Start the day relaxed and centred with some Yoga for the whole family.

Danny Simony’s Comedy Mime and Magic – Come and enjoy this comedic mime act that will dazzle and entertain the audience with lots of laughs and clowning around.

Rosie Pyrospirals & The Cassowary Kids Circus – Spend time enjoying Circus Playshops with Rosie Pyrospirals who provides coaching for circus apparatus such as poi, staff, flower sticks, juggling balls, hoops, flags, ribbons and diablos, just to name a few.

Gaming Construction – Talen will lead building your characters workshop and then direct gamers to use their creations around their gaming world.

Jam with the Trumpet Bard – A Pied-piper with a trumpet and accordion, he’ll weave stories into an interactive show for all. Children will have an opportunity to learn how to jam (improvise) without even knowing it!

Hoop There It is – A workshop for beginners to intermediate hoopers, you will be sure to leave with some tricks and drills to take away, and continue practising throughout the festival.

Theatre and Mask Making – Theatre and Mask making workshops for children. Costumes and props, masks and decorating materials will be available to create and generate a realm of make believe.

Kids Masquerade Disco – Saturday night, dress up, masquerade, and dance! Bring your mask and dress up for a party with your friends. Run by our Theatre Workshop group, a fun time for our Wallaby families.

World Storywaters – Enjoy the art of storytelling. The audience will be dramatically engaged in a re-enactment of ancient tales from around the world. Explores Native American, Celtic, Oriental, African traditional tales.

Recycled Costume Making – Make your own costume for the Wallaby Kids Parade on Sunday!

Creative Gardeners – Paint a pot-plant holder and plant your own seed to take home and grow.

Hand Printing – Be part of creating an artistic, red rooster for the Kids Parade. Your red hand print will become the feathers for the parade mascot.

Water Play – Cool off for the afternoon. Take pleasure in pouring, filling, soaking and spraying.

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Cassowary Kids Circus  Playshops with Rosie Pyrospirals. catch Rosie throughout the weekend in the kids space for circus playshops.  Instructions will be provided on circus apparatus such as poi, staff, flower sticks, juggling balls, hoops, flags, ribbons and diablos, just to name a few so keep your eye out for her circus box of tricks that is sure to entertain both the young and old.

Hanso & Family –  Childrens recycled costume workshops for  Childrens Parade.  
Juggling workshop & show.
 Hanso has roved across the world at many festivals and juggling to amaze thousands. His wife the jungle fairy has sprouted a small nome name aldan. cute as can be they never cease to spell bind.

Theatre/Mask Making with Full Throttle Theatre
1. Mask making and decorating – Children will be given a choice of a half Mask or full mask to decorate for the Masquerade Disco or just to wear. There will be a little lesson in the different kinds of masks and how to use them in performance.
2. Come and Play theatre games and songs
This fun workshop will teach the children theatre games to play and songs to sing. Children who bring their masks can use them in this workshop as well.
3. Masquerade disco
This is for the children to put all their workshop fun and creativity into a special Masquerade Disco just for them. We will decorate the Disco Marquee with party lights, there will be games and music.We will provide some costumes.

Jam with the Trumpet Bard – Niq Reefman.  Storyteller and multi-instrumentalist Niq thrills students with his playful messages through songs on permaculture, social ethics, history & culture.  Pied-pipering with a trumpet and accordion, he’ll weave stories into an interactive show that even adults will find entertaining.  Children will have an opportunity to learn how to jam (improvise) without even knowing it!

Comedy, Mime, Magic and Puppetry with Danny Simony. A fun interactive show that explores laughter and clowns. French born, Cairns based comedian-Magician Danny is back again delivering his Comedy, Mime, Magic and Puppetry Show! Come join Danny for some laughs and some clowning around fun!

Cycas Circus – ‘Cirque de Couleurs’ will focus around the theme of the festival, utilising the colours and creatures of the tropical paradise we live in. A story will be told using characters of our remarkable rainforest on aerial apparatus, stilts, german wheel, cyr wheel, tight wire, balance ball, unicycles, trampoline and much more. Choreographed to music with special effects and sound, we will create a spell-binding spectacle performed on an 8 metre rainforest-camouflaged truss. Displaying the splendours of nature, the strength of the human body and using infinite imagination, ‘Cirque de Couleurs’ will ignite its audiences’ passion for diverse culture and illuminative performances.
Beginning with the sounds of dawn and the chatter of birds as the rainforest awakens, the sun lyra will rise with butterflies dancing beneath and sunrays dancing atop. Characters will include perilous possums, boisterous butterflies, and frolicking frill necks, all setting scenes of a day in the life of the tropics. The story continues into morning with creatures climbing and dropping on silks, swaying on a cloudswing, fish being caught in the aerial net with aerialists on fish-shaped lyras swaying around her. Tensions build in the heat of the day as the acrobatic frill necks fight and tumble over sunbaking pythons, butterflies ascend in the trees, and bees dance on trapeze. Activity continues into dusk as the sounds of cicadas emerge and frogs begin to croak, while rain falls gently over the forest descending into a deep sleep again.